Chronic diseases such as arthritis, obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol are increasing throughout and the burden of these disease is having an global impact. B-CORE is investigating how these diseases interact with common musculoskeletal conditions and treatments such as osteoarthritis and joint replacement surgery.

Analysing genes and the substances they produce has led to tremendous advancements in our understanding of diseases and how best to treat them. B-CORE is using the latest technologies (such as NeGen sequencing) to conduct a range of studies on different shoulder conditions such as adhesive capsulitis (frozen shoulder), rotator cuff disease, osteoarthritis and instability. The findings from these studies will help us better manage, treat and potentially prevent these conditions.

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Collaborative Papers:

  • Arthritis burden of disease
  • Inflammation and SES
  • ACDI Collaboration / Western Alliance
    • ACDI – diabetes
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