Innovation and technology are at the centre of orthopaedic surgery to deliver effective, reliable quality care.

Aspects we are active in researching range from the types of surgery we do, the way we do it or the materials we use.


Biomaterials play an integral role in medicine today—restoring function and facilitating healing for people after injury or disease.

The use of 3D Printing in Orthopaedic Research

  • 3D printing and digital planning

Biokin Motion Tracking

  • BioKin wireless motion capture devices are designed to capture complex movements of human body in every situation.
  • BioKin’s low cost motion capture devices allow practitioners, such as rehabilitation therapists to remotely monitor a patient’s improvement by wireless streaming for real-time analysis and visualization, as well as long term data capture capabilities suitable for off-line monitoring.
  • Biokin motion tracking

Biofilms in Infection

Microbial biofilm contributes to chronic infection and is involved in the pathogenesis of prosthetic joint infections. Biofilms are structurally complex and should be considered a dynamic system able to protect the bacteria from host defence mechanisms and from antibacterial agents.

Joint Biomechanics

We are interested in the assessment of joint function in the normal state and in patients following injury or arthritis. A particular area of focus is understanding and optimising joint replacement surgery.

Joint biomechanics collaborations: